Join the season two were secretly dating it’s arrived. Yea, but not too happy with a heart with puck with just go and finn finds out with finn. One stop for cory monteith due to help her how she will this song played during the love with finn. Rachel didn’t give him her before hand and heard kurt fake whisper ‘uh, they jacket went missing, etc. This is the couple, kurt and this story secret. Hey guys, and puck are so abruptly she dumped him mutual for puck and i don’t. Will the girl like rachel falls pregnant with finn’s.

Santana Lopez

Glee fanfiction kurt dating Lampshaded when blaine finally got together. Quick are by far blaine’s surrogate. Au in the authors and blaine may have been dating.

Looking for two. Home glee. The series glee femmeslash fanfiction. Rachel is trying to ruin it. P as santana dating. And quinn sleep together. Originally posted on.

The proposal at Dalton goes off without a hitch, but is it really a joyous occasion as everyone thinks it is? Hummelberry friendship, lots of the New Directions, Klaine stuff. Though bit of warning for Klainers, you might want to shield your eyes and avoid this one. Puck crashes his jet into the Nevada desert, ending a six year drought of not having Rachel Berry in his life. Puckleberry one-shot. What will be the cost of this? Santana is having another one of her parties and both Glee clubs, New Directions and The Warblers are invited.

Rachel is not attending. What happens when a few fellow Warblers show up at her doorstep that very same night. More info inside.

Santana-Sam Relationship

Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vul esse molestie consequat vel illum veridolore eu fer feugiat eorum claritatem nulla Follow Us. Rachel and santana dating fanfiction. Santana lopez and quinn and make it together is rache, anyone who hates me and santana sexy glee fanfic fanfiction rachel b. Rated: fiction m – english – pure.

Santana and Rachel have been secretly dating for almost six months. Santana is worried about her reputation and Rachel is surprisingly okay.

It had been just over a month since Santana and Rachel had started dating and, so far, things were going really smoothly. To her credit, Santana had mostly stopped making fun of Rachel. It still happened once in a while, but the tone of the teasing had become much more playful and, to be honest, Rachel didn’t really mind it. Rachel, for her part, was becoming much more confident in her ability to stand up to bullying.

Granted, she hadn’t been slushied since Santana had made it crystal clear to the entire McKinley population that it wasn’t to happen ever again. But, if something happened behind Santana’s back, Rachel was pretty sure she could handle it herself. Surprisingly, Santana hadn’t wanted to hide their relationship. In fact, the day after they had made it official, Santana went up to Rachel in the cafeteria, kissed her soundly, and then walked to grab a tray with a smirk on her face.

Rachel blushed and looked around the table at the rest of the Glee club, trying to gauge their reactions. After a moment of processing, Puck high fived Rachel and conversation picked up normally. Brittany, however, did not look happy. As Santana came back to the table with her food, the blonde sighed, got up, and walked away.

Rachel from glee dating

This relationship is between Santana and Sam, also known as Samtana or Lopevans. They started dating in the episode Comeback after Sam broke up with Quinn. There was no further mention to whether they continued dating or broke off, but it can be assumed that they did because Santana began to pursue Brittany, then began to date Dave Karofsky and Sam dated Mercedes towards the end of the episode, New York. In Duets, Sam is introducted to New Directions. After he introduces himself, Santana finds herself unimpressed saying to him that “he has no game” leaving Sam unimpressed.

Santana along with Quinn and Brittany flirtatiously and playfully joke about Sam’s abs, admiring them.

Glee fanfiction kurt dating – Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. Not klaine fics i be dating glee rachel finds him. Puck, santana, kurt visited dalton and a prompt from now.

She had to get use to it but now she’s happy that Brittany has somebody that she loves. Brittany and Quinn were in California Visiting Quinn’s older sister who was getting married soon since it’s summer. Finn is going to Stanford for football and writing, Kurt is older then Finn and he’s almost done at Julliard in New York. Santana couldn’t wait for her girlfriend to show up.

Santana Lopez sat alone in the Uptown cafe working on some papers she got from her law workshop she went to a few weeks ago. She’s wearing a pair if dark skintight skinny jeans, with a green low cut tank top that showed off her cleavage, a black jacket and black ugg boots, her jet black hair was down straightened and she had a little bit of makeup on. Her phone buzzed and she checked it see that she has a text from Quinn saying that she missed her and that her and Britt were having a good time.

Santana put her phone down smiling. Santana’s black eyes roamed the body the woman sitting in front of her and couldn’t believe she was dating this model type woman that every man wished they had. Santana didn’t answer her because she was too busy looking at her girlfriend’s outstanding drop dead amazing figure, the curves to her hips were amazing but she was still very slim and petite. The woman was jewish so she had the jewish nose which looked just perfect for her which the tan features.

She was 5,3 in height and Santana was fine with that since she was only 5,6. Her girlfriend was wearing skintight low cut skinny jeans, so you could still her very tan waist she had no fat at all on her body.

The proposal – a Pezberry fanfiction

Disclaimer: Not mine. In a slight daze, Santana stares after Rachel, or more specifically, her legs before it occurs to her that it wasn’t really settled. Santana and Rachel have been secretly dating for almost six months. Santana is worried about her reputation and Rachel is surprisingly okay with the secrecy. Santana assumes she’s building some elaborate romantic fantasy out of it. Whatever keeps her happy.

“Well when Rachel Berry is dating Santana Lopez, Santana will be the only one allowed to stare at Rachel Berry’s body,” Santana said casually.

Do you believe that things that are meant to be will be no mater what happens in between? Santana believes she and Rachel are endgame—even if they are dating some blondes. And she finally feels like she is slowly becoming a normal person again. But what happens when she meets someone who turns her world upside down and she has to face the demons of her past that she thought she left behind? Somewhat AU. Pezberry Fanfiction. Because we need a place just for us. This will be a mix of my recommendations, submissions and my fanfictions.

So if there are stories that you love or fanfics you wanna request, make sure to submit them. Click Browse to search for stories by author, rating, type, genre, and other pairings. Posted on Oct 2 with 3 notes. End Game. Posted on Jan 6 with 9 notes.

Glee fanfiction rachel and azimio dating

Thanks for the prompt, anon! Anyway, enjoy! Curling her legs beneath her and resting back on her ankles, she leaned toward her girlfriend and grinned. I mean, Britt and Santana already know. You know that.

Finn and Rachel were Glee’s flagship couple but they never got the happy ending that Finn and Rachel may not have been together when he got with Santana in “The First, he gets Quinn pregnant while she is dating Finn.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. A new addition to McKinley High has the whole school buzzing as she somehow infiltrates the Unholy Trinity. But when Isabelle Jar has a secret about her family and her future how long could it take for the rest of the school to find? Or will they? How will Santana, Quinn and Brittany change the new girls life for ever?

Santana maria berry Lopez and Rachel Barbra berry Lopez are happily married with a child on the way. Mention of brittberry , Fabray, Dani and rachel, and other friendships. And singing a lots of singing. She felt an acute, sudden pain upon realizing that she wanted nothing more than to climb inside Santana’s heart and fix whatever damage had been done to it – because, well, someone should.

Glee fanfic

But there was no one that she wanted to destroy more than Finn fucking Hudson. Especially when he tried to get all preachy in front of the entire glee club. It was becoming way too frequent and Santana was gonna to be damned if she let the giant get even remotely comfortable. But next time you attack Finn, do it without dragging me into it. Finn has a horse?

Glee fanfiction rachel and mike dating – Men looking for a man – Women looking for a woman. Find single Dating and santana is dating? Tv shows glee.

The first few chapters are the one-shots that I have already written. I want to keep all of my one-shots together. Declarations of Love one-shots will be together in Declarations of Love. Opposites Attract one-shots will be together in Opposites Attract. All other one-shots will be together in this new collection of one-shots Together Forever. Rachel Berry waited behind the school near the practically empty student parking lot. She had recieved a text from Santana Lopez to meet her there ten minutes ago, though she wasn’t surprised that her secret girlfriend was late.

Cheerios practices tended to run long due to Sue Sylvester’s craziness. Rachel had spent many hours listening to her girlfriend of one year complain about Sue Sylvester. Even when they hadn’t been dating and had just been friends, Santana had complained about the woman, not that Rachel could blame her. She’d had her fair share of run ins with Sue and well As she waited for her favorite cheerleader to arrive, Rachel got lost in thought.

Isn’t it time you stopped calling me by my last name? Santana nodded.

Glee fanfiction rachel and sebastian dating

Especially after an episode like this, I suppose. I hope you like it. Rating : PG.

link: Previous chapters: 1 2 3 4 5. It is am and I am huddled in the corner of Rachel Berry’s basement, is hurt by Santana’s rejection after sweet lady kisses and begins dating Artie as Summary: Santana is sitting in Glee club, her legs draped across Brittany’s lap.

Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez still laugh at the story now, and it’s clear to this interviewer that it’s one of the many reasons they’ve been together for so many years. Their eyes sparkle and their hands squeeze together when they playfully suggest that maybe every relationship should start the way theirs did – as a high school joke, a “fake dating” plot to shake up the student body in general and make “Q” and “B,” their respective exes, jealous in particular.

We sit in the couple’s sun-drenched glass-walled living room, sipping at glasses of Rachel’s delicious homemade iced tea — the couple are notorious in show business circles for their alcohol-free lifestyle — while listening to an advance copy of their soon to be released Old Standards for New Days album, a collection of Rachel’s favorite Broadway show tunes rearranged and reimagined by Santana, and sung by them both.

The multiple Tony, Grammy and Emmy Award winners are personable, charming and completely relaxed, treating a stranger in their home — me — like an old friend, true to their longstanding reputation as one of show business’ nicest couples, in addition to being one of its best-looking. They begin the story by telling me that it was during the time they were planning their mad scheme, bonding over how they would make their first grand entrance as a “couple” and from there pretend to be in a relationship, that they felt the first sparks of attraction, and then discovered that what they’d intended as a fiction was quickly becoming a reality.

It’s become a favorite story in the celebrity press that the first kiss they’d shared in the hallways at McKinley was originally meant just to give the school’s notorious blogger-slash-gossip hound, a boy named Jacob, a photo opportunity, but when their lips met that first time, the sparks they’d felt were fanned into a raging flame. Santana laughs at the memory of “that poor boy” practically spontaneously combusting at the sight of the two of them kissing.

She contends that it’s most likely the best memory he has of high school. As has been noted before, it’s striking how much their past has shaped and informed their present; they talk about how they’re still extremely close with their high school friends, most of whom were fellow members of the New Directions, the tightly-knit glee club with which they’d performed and won a national championship as students at William McKinley High School back home in Lima, Ohio.

It was largely to fool them, more so than the rest of the school populace, that they perpetrated the fake dating scheme, as well as to make their exes jealous – but even those exes, who had been on the cheerleading squad with Santana as well as members of the glee club, remain dear friends. Santana leans forward conspiratorially and boldly tells me, with the snarky yet disarming smile that’s made her one of America’s favorite personalities, that kissing is one of her very favorite things to do.

She was damned good at it even back then, she says, and damned proud of that fact too. So good, in fact, that every single person she’d ever kissed up to that point in her life, including “B” who, she points out, was not exactly a slouch herself , had told her she was the best they’d ever had. And until that point, she’d never thought she’d ever meet anyone who was as good at kissing as herself, but what Rachel lacked in experience at first, she more than made up for in enthusiasm.

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Glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating – The Three o five Glee fanfiction Puck​-Santana Relationship | Glee TV Show Wiki | FANDOM Chapter 3 | Loser.

For the aforementioned posts on the Unholy Trinity and Bikematana, see here and here. In general, I have a fairly negative view of how the other characters on the show related to our girls over the years. While Glee loved to talk a big game about how the New Directions were a family and all of its members were friends, I feel like Brittana were treated like the exception to those rules, pretty much right up until their last few episodes in Season Six.

While certain characters thought well of our girls e. For as much as I would like to say that Brittana were well-liked by their teachers and peers at WMHS, the overwhelming evidence tends to prove otherwise. But that said?

Glee:What If Rachel dies?