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But what prosecutors did have was 88,000 e-mails and instant messages on Theer's computer, including personal ads that Theer had written in 1999, web-mail that she had written in response to those ads, clear evidence of a sexual relationship between Theer and Diamond, and messages documenting the conspiracy to murder Theer's husband.Theer was found guilty on December 3, 2004 of murder and conspiracy and sentenced to life in prison.The second man checked the Pit tsburgh Post-Gazette website and saw that a girl was in fact missing from her parent's home.The man contacted the FBI on January 3rd and provided the Yahoo screen name of the person who had sent the IM: "masterforteenslavegirls".Postings on Yahoo reveal a kidnapping On January 1st, 2002, Scott Tyree kidnapped and imprisoned 13-year-old Alicia Kozakiewicz.That night Tyree sent an instant message of a photograph of Kozakiewicz bound in his basement to another man in Tampa, FL.When the computers were examined, there was evidence of Internet chat between two users about sex with children, images of child pornography and related topics....

Prosecutors alleged that between July 2006 and January 2008 Cameron had uploaded child pornography to a Yahoo photo album using five different aliases.

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From a personal computer with an Internet connection, your child has access to almost any encyclopedia, dictionary, book, magazine or newspaper in the world.

The defense team argued that an "inept" police investigation ignored and destroyed important evidence that would have shown Cooper's innocence.

Assistant attorney general for Maine caught up in child pornography On February 17, 2009, James M.