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But officials have not secured a similar agreement this time - and alcohol industry standards body the Portman Group has advised its members they instead can just include the address of the industry-funded Drinkaware website.

Health experts described the decision as 'irresponsible and unethical'.

Not all companies will follow the group's advice – and Scottish beer maker Tennent's has already committed to printing the full Government guidance.

But most firms are expected to fall in line with the Portman Group, which was set up and funded by the industry and has the backing of the leading alcohol trade bodies.

We all have a right to know the guidelines, so that we can make informed choices about our drinking.

By no longer displaying the lower risk guidelines, the alcohol industry are denying people the information they need.

The recommendation followed a thorough review of the latest evidence carried out by independent scientific experts, the first review of its kind for 20 years.

In a public letter, seen by the Mail, 25 health leaders demanded the Government make the labels compulsory.

Tough new guidance on drinking limits are unlikely to be printed on most alcohol bottles and cans, after industry bodies told their members they did not need to display the updated advice.

The Government last year published new recommendations warning men and women alike to drink no more than 14 units a week, and warned there was no 'safe level' of consumption.

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