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Later Tara expresses her realization of hurting him and apologizes. Next day, Ved continues his office routine with a change, gives a diamond ring to the transgender and he gets evicted from his workplace for his continuous mindless behaviors.Ved comes back to Shimla and reveals he was jobless and wandering for six months.He is free flowing and your type and then you lose touch.Years later when you meet, he is absolutely somebody else." He was quoted saying, "Tamasha has that kind of love which makes a normal person extraordinary, which makes a commoner an artist." On the plot's inherent love story, he went on to add, "This is the kind of love through which you understand why you need a woman in life and how it takes you on a journey through which we identify ourselves." Ranbir Kapoor's character (as Ved Vardhan Sahni) is about a person who is enchanted by stories, grows up hearing them and expresses himself by performing them.It's not that simple because it takes the undoing of entire life's experience to get in touch with yourself and your wild energy." In an interview with The Indian Express, Ali mentions, "It's that thought which crosses your mind when you are sitting by the window seat of a train and watching Ratlam go by and you think, what if I get down from this train? " He justified that outside this window, there is a mythical world where one can be what he wants to.According to him, the window seat gives one a chance to drop their present life story and become a brand new person.The film goes into a flashback and shows scenes from Shimla of a free spirited-young Ved, a college going Ved and an adult Ved.The film returns to present day (first scene of the film) where Ved and Tara complete the process of putting up an elaborated skit on stage (in continuation of the opening scene of the film) a spectacle which depicts of their own life story.

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We've borrowed the title of "Darjeeling Impex" to portray the company for the film." On casting Javed Sheikh, who plays Kapoor's father in the film, Ali opined, "There was no one better than Javed sahib because the character originates from Lahore.

They come up with an amusing verbal pact to keep their real identities undisclosed. They pretend to be "Don" and "Mona Darling" and talk in filmy dialogues.

When she realizes she is falling in love with Ved, Tara decides to leave Corsica despite the romantic friendship with him.

"What ‘Tamasha’ is trying to say is that don't be satisfied with the stories you hear around you, create your own myth, choose your own story.

Sometimes in trying to belong, you lose your edge, you become blunt and you forget who you are unless someone comes to remind you, someone who has seen you at that time.