Who is dating justin timberlake 2016

) But honestly, neither the party guests nor the confused bystanders seemed to notice the Hollywood stars because they were too focused on the fashion show?

Twenty-four hours later, your faithful Cannes correspondents are still searching for that existential answer.

We saw a little of both yesterday, with Kendrick’s character first belting out some upbeat pop anthem about overcoming the odds or something, an original song that sounded a lot like Beyoncé’s “Halo,” among other extant hits.

We also saw some Bergens sing that Gorillaz song, “Clint Eastwood” while they shuffled around their dumpy little town.

The effect was very Marie Antoinette meets David’s Bridal prom collection, by way of hallucination.

features both original songs (co-written by Timberlake) and some covers of popular tunes.The directors explained the world of the film—sadly, is not about troll dolls in the real world who come to life.It takes place in a separate troll world, where the trolls are perpetually happy and have little wristwatches that tell them when it’s time to hug someone.Dreamworks ponied up for a flashy speedboat to whisk Timberlake and Kendrick from the Palais, where the unexpected “Troll Colors” weeping scene had occurred, to the reception, held at one of the many beach clubs lining the Croisette.(A small trek would have been very feasible by foot, but what fun is that?