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testifies – Metallica have taken their fellow Californians on the road on several occasions, and consider the Orange County crew both friends and an inspiration.Lars Ulrich has stated that Avenged are “near and dear” to his band, while James Hetfield personally introduced their set at Metallica’s Orion festival and declared “I dig everything they do.” You guys…There’s footage of the performance on You Tube, but good luck trying to make out a single lyric or guitar riff above the squeals of the band’s female fans.

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A larger-than-life, effervescent character, the drummer died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol.

In a later influence with Hammer the band pulled back somewhat on such sentiments, with Shadows declaring himself “socially liberal.” “We didn't want people to fucking suck our Republican dicks, it was just a reaction,” insisted Synyster Gates.

“You live and you learn – a lot of bands say douchey shit.” has never been recorded and was played live only once, when the band played the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on October 29, 2007.

Shadows declared that his band were “one of the only bands around right now that will admit that we're Republican” and declared his support for George Bush.

The singer also recalled being on the 2005 Warped tour with bands who were “anti-everything our country stands for”, and admitted wearing T-shirts featured the US flag and the words ‘Love It Or Die’ to antagonise left wing artists.