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The plan failed, as it relied on Biff going out for dinner with Lorraine and the children, but Biff stayed at home instead and had Terry murdered.Biff had guessed Dave's involvement, and had his men lock Dave in the trunk of a car and take him to the edge of Hill Valley. In reality, they felt sorry for Dave, and were another example of people having to obey Biff or be punished like Terry.After Marty successfully managed to set history right by taking the almanac off Biff in 1955, Dave reverted to the office worker that he was before, and was seen by Marty briefly as the family headed out to lunch.It remains unclear as to whether Dave was still living in Hill Valley in 2015, by which time he was uncle to Marty Jr. In the timeline in which Biff received a sports almanac from his future self, Biff became rich and murdered George in 1973, marrying Lorraine and becoming Dave's stepfather.In 1981, the remaining Mc Flys noticed that Biff had removed all photographs and references to George from the house.This made Dave angry, causing him to storm out while exclaiming that he'd never be a Tannen and that Biff was not his father.Out of the judging panel, made up of Pixie, Danny and Will.i.am, the Mc Fly guitarist was the only person to turn around for Erin.

But even though Pixie told a jubilant Danny, 'She's really good', the singer, 26, didn't press her red buzzer to try and get the teenager on her team.Soon, Dave made himself known to the Hill Valley Civic Committee.They planned to break into Biff's mansion to find incriminating evidence that they could use against him, and Dave volunteered to disable the alarm and leave a door unlocked so that Terry could get in and access the safe.She's a Mc Fly fan."'Even though Pixie did not turn her chair around for Erin, the young sonstress looked delighted to be picked by Danny. 'Pixie opened her Italia Conti associate school in the Essex town in January 2015.Mc Fly drummer Harry Judd was also a fan of Erin's performance as he tweeted: 'The girl that sang All About You. The Bromley native went to an Italia Conti performing arts Saturday school in Chislehurt as a child and later attended the main school in London. The sound comes out their mouths is well beyond their years.