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Uz krtaku prezentaciju grada, ovdje Vam prije svega zelimo predstaviti fenomenalni panoramski pogled ka centru gradu, Marijin Dvoru koji je danas jedan od vecih business centara u ovom dijelu Europe.

Under the Affordable Care Act, 90 percent of all Medicare payments to doctors will be on value-based plans by the end of 2018, meaning quality of care will increasingly begin to weigh on the doctor’s personal income.Heidi Meyer, who appears on a video screen remotely at a newly opened Kaiser Permanente health clinic in San Diego.Going to the doctor's office may start being a thing of the past, thanks to a rise in virtual doctor appointments.In response, many doctors are working now to stay ahead of the curve, according to Thorpe.This shift has encouraged both the doctor and patient to be virtually available to save time and cost."Too often, patients are asked to come back [to the doctor's office] for follow-ups, but because it's going to take a half-day of work for them, a lot of them often don’t come in," said O'Hara.