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"Part of being an adult is deciding when, where, and with whom you have sex independent of what your parents might want for you," she says."As an adult, your sexuality should not be associated with getting in trouble with your parents." Or worse, your grandparents!I'm positive that the thought of my telling a lie is far less traumatic than the thought of my having sex!"Whether you're abstaining, "swiping," or having sex, it's vital to separate psychologically from your parents at this age.

He immediately ran upstairs to my mom, and he couldn't look at me for a long time after that."Getting busted by Dad mortified Tina, of course, but it also confused her.

"Twice, I've had old flames stay over, but the clown nose was inescapable. I think hooking up is officially impossible in there." The solution?

"Now when I visit my parents, I do hookups elsewhere, reverting to teenage lying tactics about staying at girlfriends' homes.

"Without an end date in mind, at some point you lose confidence in yourself. You remain a child yourself indefinitely." And if you absolutely can't conceive of an end plan because of financial constraints, she says, "at least begin to think of yourself as a boarder." Treat them with the respect you'd want in return, don't act like a kid, and keep it classy.

The best thing you can do is ask your parents what is and isn't okay to do while under their roof.