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However, for reasons she long refused to disclose, the sharp-tongued and irreverent Anode fled this life and declared herself instead an archaeologist, treasure-hunter, and adventurer.

From Cybertron to Caminus and beyond, there's no large, menacing creature she's not willing to tick off (either on purpose or by accident) and no artifact too risky for her to retrieve.

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Studies from security firms such as Avast have found that deleted files can sometimes be recovered from phones even after a factory reset was performed.Resetting the phone is supposed to restore the device back to the original manufacturers settings, but it does not mean there isn’t any residual data left on the phone and that the process did not permanently destroy or overwrite all existing files that were on the phone.You should avoid throwing the old device into the trash, even if you destroy it, phones contain various chemicals including lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chlorine and bromine which can cause environmental problems.Most people don't hold onto their mobile devices for very long.New models boasting higher resolution cameras, sharper screens, and an abundance of new features, make buying new and getting rid of the old an annual tradition.