Updating magellan maestro 4040

Large update packages, such as maps that include new areas or considerable extensions to existing roads and highways, generally require payment.Magellan also offers subscription services for free updates during a specified period of time.

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For the longest time (many months) the Magellan website has been promising the update for the Roadmate 760 to be available in "early July," which naturally has come and passed. Question: Is it worth it to pay another for an update for an outdated GPS unit, when you don't even know if the updates will benefit you, or should one just buy a more up-to-date GPS instead? then they said check to check on-line on October 15th.

Magellan website now says Roadmate 760 update will be available in September, and come September, who knows, it may be pushed back even later. Let's cross our fingers and maybe this will be the REAL date..... promised me that the map update would be available the last day of Sept. I think I will just sell my 3000 on E-bay and buy a garmin.

Once installed, Content Manager may alert you to software updates and ask that you download a more current version.

Magellan's firmware application acts like a central communication hub between Magellan's servers and your device.