Updating a gold frame

You might want to distress a lot more, or not at all. You’ll need to use quite vigorous brush motions again to get in the detail.The gold does stand out against the grey but the dark wax makes it all work nicely together. It will look like you’ve ruined all your hard work so far, but I promise you haven’t! So you go back over the whole thing with clear wax, not really paying much attention to getting in the detail. So this will lift the dark wax back off leaving the shaded effect. Expect to go through a lot of sponges to lift of the dark wax! You don’t get a lot of excess wax if you’ve applied with a sponge but buffing will give a nice shine. You can shake things up a lot depending of the colour you choose, how much you distressed and whether you use dark wax. Visit Lara Roberts Facebook page Roberts Vintage Frames to see more of her work and don’t forget to leave her a LIKE! My name is Lara Roberts and I hand paint furniture over at Roberts Vintage Frames, with a focus on ornate frames.In the example below I didn't want to get rid of the gold entirely because I wanted the look of mixed metals, so I let a bit of gold peek out.I used the following products that can be found at your local craft store; With the large stiff bristle brush I put some of the Rub n' Buff on a piece of wax paper lightly dabbed the brush into it and randomly hit the mirror in desired spots. Before you shell out the $$$ on the new mirror try this project!It's easy and you can change & layer any of the finishes to suit your styling needs.I find Paris Grey usually covers in one coat but because of the dabbing it took two. Dry brushing is when you lightly brush over the piece with very little paint on your brush.

So now go ahead and update that old mirror frame to more transitional look!Lightly brush over the whole frame which will really pick up on that texture and the detail of the frame. Using baby wipes you rub any area that you would like to be gold.I also dry brushed in Old White to really make the detail stand out and create a more layered paint effect. Unlike sand paper, baby wipes will only take off the paint and not disturb the gold.Tagged With: bracelets, coral pieces, DYI, family photos, Framecrafters, frames, Great Rug Company, jewelry, kirsten mclean, painting photos, photo mats, pomegranates, quartz pieces, Segreto Boutique, Segreto Gallery, shagreen cuffs, spray paint, wall of photos, wire baskets, wire trays About | Contact | The Team “An enthusiast of design architecture and art, who is passionate about anything painted, I hope to share with you the secrets which will inspire beautiful living in your own home!”-Leslie Sinclair, entrepreneur, color and finish specialist, author, wife and mother of three, living in the Lone Star State. "When one thinks of timeless interiors, the understated elegance of mixing old world charm with modern conveniences, I don't have to look any further than Segreto's books to explain my vision!