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Keep exploring and you'll find art and photos submitted by friends and fans, and all the many adventures I've had since the site began! But beyond entertainment, it has inspired many to take a more active role in the simple joy of being themselves. ..help with the costs of maintaining this site, while raising money for children's charities. to make it more fun, I'm making signed photos and some goodies available (while they last*) for donations of or more. New promos will be posted as they become available There is no monetary profit for me from any of these Website donations.I suppose many of my words would be unnecessary if people could lighten up and not fear or disdain such harmless self expression. This is in the spirit and original intent of the author of the Peter Pan story, (J. The first 20% of every donation is immediately earmarked for Kid's charities regardless of whether the web site expenses are met.But just the same, I've been humbled to touch so many lives, and the site will likely continue to grow for a long time. Once the site expenses and promotional costs (T shirts.I'm also a very spiritually active person, and have created another site called Through the Cracks Ministries. If you happen to have seen any of my pals, Wendy, Tigerlilly, pirates, lost boys, whatever... If you send a photo of yourself in "pixie-wear", I even have a Pixie Friends' page for that too! As for Tinkerbell, well from times past (before I found Tink! etc.) are paid, 100% of residual funds are distributed to Kid's charities at years end.It's purpose is to demonstrate how loving God really is, and help people who wish to truly verify His existence for themselves. ) I had a page just for my soul mate search, which you're welcome to look at for a more serious look into the heart of 'Peter'. The only current exception to this policy is the CD sales.I also guarantee that if you seek the God of love, but can't stand religion, you will be blessed by this site. In that case a minimum of 20% of all CD income is always donated, stepped up to 100% from mid November through Christmas day.

But If it sounds like a fun thing or even if you'd just like a good laugh (I laugh at myself all the time! This site goes on and on and on, and there's a LOT of history here! In the spirit of the 'Peter Pan' theme, this web site has supported and collected thousands for local and international kids charities every year, and YES... Over the years this site has gained worldwide popularity. Important Note: In order to present the annual gift to kid's charities in time for the Holiday season, all donations must be in by Dec. * Important Note: I'm planning to discontinue T-shirts after the current supply runs out, and as for the undies, they are one of a kind and also in very short supply. (Signed Photos, and of course music) will always be available.This is why little girls are praised for interest in "boyish" activities, while boys who do the opposite are seldom tolerated.So such a character, by his fairy-like qualities and elfin appearance, represents a literal blaspheme against their "god".Childlike, "pixyish", and unencumbered by notions of what is and is not permissible for boys. But the human spirit is hard to suppress, and I have made my choice to be true to myself and live my dreams in this life.So in the end, the many friends I do make are for real, and each is worth more than 1000 phonies.