Think like a man dating advice

I advise the women on Catholic Match who are looking to decode men to pick up this book. Does he have the right idea when describing men as well as women?

I’d also be interested to see what men have to say about it. I’d love to hear the thoughts of Catholic Match members about Harvey’s points of view.

Still, can anyone really be an expert on what all men want?

We spoke to Harvey over the phone from the set of his radio show to discuss the media's obsession with single black women, why dating white men isn't trading up, and why he won't write a book for men.

Editor’s note: This a a series of book reviews exclusively for single Catholics written by our very own Cate Perry.

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I think media and society recognizes the value of African-American women, as they should. They have held together families seemingly on their own.

And the focus is on them because there is such a wide disparity in available men of the same race because of educational problems, incarceration problems, unemployment problems.

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