Things to do before updating iphone software

In this way, you can easily deal with the possible issues.

After months of waiting Apple fans will finally be able to download i OS 9 tonight.

So, if you want to be ready for Apple's latest operating system, here's our top five tips to make sure your i Phone and i Pad are ready.

SPRING CLEAN YOUR DEVICEApple say they've solved the problems faced in previous years, when fans failed to have enough room on their phones to download the update.i OS 9 is around 1.5GB in size – much smaller than most of Apple's previous software updates.

As Apple announced, the new i OS operating system will support i Phone 5s and newer i Phone generations, including the i Phone that Apple is going to sell on 2017 autumn.

Your important data may get lost from your i Phone during or after i OS 11 update.

During the first few days after the release of i OS 11 final version, people is likely to meet some errors while updating i Phone i Pad, no matter what method they choose to install i OS 11, via OTA or using i Tunes.

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We're expecting the new Apple OS to roll out from 6pm and there's likely to be mad rush to download it.Sadly, not everyone can join the i OS 9 party and if you own an i Phone 4 or original i Pad it might be time to head to the Apple Store and buy a new device.For full details on compatibility, check out Apple's website. If you've fallen behind on any updates you'll then be given the chance to catch-up head of the release of i OS 9 tomorrow night.And your Apple account information is also important for restoring your device from backups after i OS 11 upgrade.Besides Apple ID and i Cloud account, there are some other passwords you should also remember in mind, such as unlock passcode, and restriction passcode.

Things to do before updating iphone software