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And this is not the first time she’s turned to her ex sweetie.

When Jennifer Garner’s marriage to Scott Foley (Scandal, Felicity) back in 2003, she took up with her then-costar Michael Vartan who she already knew from the set of Alias.

"He's a really good guy, and we just imploded." actor Foley married actress Marika Dominczyk in June 2007, and the spouses are parents to daughter Malina, 3, and son Keller, 16 months.

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The media has portrayed us (African American women) in a light slightly south of positive and there’s a lot of re-education that must take place: Yes, I enjoy water sports.

He has also guest starred in series including Dawson's Creek, House, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy and Cougar Town.

The two separated in March 2003 and their divorce was finalized in March 2004.

;status was based on her 10-year engagement NBA star Antoine Walker, but we didn't really get to see those two in the limelight together.

She then had a high-profile, if short-lived marriage with Chad ;with Chad's baby.