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It is not as flowery as women's florals and never for one moment did I feel it was too feminine.

However I must reiterate that it can be worn by women because it has some sweet powdery notes that women will love: the violet-lavender and the additional florals of carnation, jasmine and geranium.

This fragrance lacks the traditional feminine opening of soapy aldehydes and goes straight to neroli & bergamot.

A few non descript fruit notes gives it a sweetness.

This is a jasmine that is not too showy and it's very subtle. It's not quite a cabin in the woods type of wood or a chypre but it has just enough sandalwood and cedar wood for me.

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Instead it's so soapy and powdery and sweet but not cloying as to belong to the same class of men's powder scents like Dana's Canoe and Orignal Old Spice.An invisible note of violet is also here and possibly heliotrope.Heliotrope was thrown into the notes of Passion For Women but there was no violet. It matches up with the dark purple or royal purple color of the bottle. What a tremendous blend from a better time of being..... It totally reflects the fading 80's in such a brilliant and effortless manner that it makes my jaws drop.