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I did exactly that for my friend on JDate and ended up getting very good at introducing girls to him.

(Jewish women, beware of my Ashkenazi skills.) Let’s take some examples where everyone else is so terrible that you can dominate by being even somewhat competent.

you choose the right targets and differentiate yourself from others.

The examples go back to my post about Big Wins, including why trying to save money on lattes is pointless for many people. How beautiful are the feet of parents who bring their children to preschool, or grandparents who take time to catechize their grandchildren, or the many helpers we had last week that walked 115 kids around VBS for five days. How beautiful are the feet who visit a sick family member or loved one in the hospital with the words of Jesus the Great Physician.Every woman who has used Craigslist knows that it is a veritable jungle of unexpected penises.In other words, if you’ve ever posted a nice, g-rated “women seeking men” post, you will immediately and inexplicably have 50-80 pictures of men’s penises in your inbox.