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With the price of crude oil dropping in half between mid-2014 and early 2015, this was a most timely title.He began by showing historical data, reminding us that this is not the first time crude prices have seen tremendous fluctuations.In the past few months, production has declined due to the lower crude prices.Summarizing crude by rail and noting some of the major incidents, as movements of crude by rail have grown ~40 fold, incidents involving railroad tank cars carrying crude have grown also, about 16 fold.He examined API Recommended Practice 3000 and then detailed the flash point, distillation, and vapor pressure methods used for classifying crude oil for shipment.Ted Aulich of the Energy and Environmental Research Center (Grand Forks, ND) presented an update that he and his colleague, Chad Wocken prepared, on “US Department of Energy Crude Oil Characterization Research Study”.

Both Dennis and Gerald Bruce, CCQTA President, then provided overviews of their organizations.The CCQTA currently has 84 member companies and 11 member funded projects.In addition to the on-going projects, new activities include: Dennis Sutton, COQA Executive Director, concluded the day’s presentations by summarizing recent crude oil conferences and events.The “Continued” refers to the fact that Jason spoke at the early 2014 meeting in New Orleans, but much has happened over the past 12 months.With much confusion regarding terminology, Jason carefully defined True Vapor Pressure, Bubble Point Pressure, and Reid Vapor Pressure Equivalent.