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A walk down Main Street in Historic Jamestown is a step back in time.

You'll see a mixture of buildings from different eras.

These five locations are infamous for their ghosts.

So whether tracing the footsteps of popular paranormal activity TV shows or looking for a paranormal experience of your own, these haunts are guaranteed to leave you spooked: 5.

This was accomplished with a brutal system of discipline and punishment that included starvation, isolation and public lashings.

One resident was shot in the back by a guard while attempting to escape and is buried on site along with 16 other young men who had died within the walls of the castle. The head housekeeper Anna Corbin was brutally beat to death in the basement of the building, a crime that remains unsolved to this day.

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If planning to book a visit, remember that rooms on the second floor are especially prone to ghostly activity. Preston Castle Originally opening its doors in Ione, CA on June 13, 1894 as the Preston School of Industry, Preston Castle was home to scores of juvenile, homeless and troubled boys with the goal of teaching them useful trades.

You can have lunch or ice cream at Here's the Scoop, with its old-style decor including a bar that came from a historic San Francisco saloon.

There are gift shops and antique and collectible stores, with many items made locally.

Tuolumne General Hospital Although not open to the public, Tuolumne General Hospital tends to draw curious ghost hunters who like to take selfies out front in hopes of capturing the image of past patients standing behind them.

The hospital opened in 1849 to cater to the illnesses and injuries of gold miners in Sonora and remained an active hospital until the doors were shuttering in 2011, remaining abandoned ever since.