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One these two avenues to snag a cougar, the most preferred is the bar method as you have the pleasure of meeting your cougar in person.

Online photos can be deceiving so use caution when choosing a woman from an online dating site.

If you have decide to take the plunge into the world of cougar dating then there are a lot of things you should know first, not only about cougar women but also about you and the way you can ensure success.

Dating older women is not much different than dating women your own age but there are some differences.

Remember, your youth is what she is looking for to begin with.

Do not try to act like someone you are not in order to impress her for this will surely backfire on you.

Most of the time a woman who is called a cougar has money and can also be viewed as a sort of sugar mama.

However, it is important to realize that this is not always the case and that a cougar does not have to have money or social standing to be considered a cougar. The first and most obvious thing a cougar is looking for is a much younger man with fire in his veins in the sexual arena.

And no matter what you do, do not start prying into her sexual history right off the bat.They have already been through all the games that people play and are now just looking for some light hearted fun.What to Talk About on a Date With a Cougar There are some things you will want to avoid discussing with a cougar woman.Firstly, stay away from raving about the frat party you were at last week or your favorite sports team.Try focusing on more intelligent conversation but do stay away from subjects like religion and politics.