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Better than that, we will even sort out your first official date with a ticket to the theatre.To book your seat at Dating in the Dark, go onto our website at and purchase the ticket relevant to YOUR gender. At some point, I turned into the adult in the room. We will typically do almost anything to avoid confronting the emotions we’ve so carefully locked into the darkest recesses of our soul. And sometimes we’re drunk or sober, and the decision is just fine. It’s not OK to sexually assault your partner, and it’s not OK to cajole your partner into sex he or she doesn’t want. Kids are learning about the birds and the bees from Pornhub.

I’m much more comfortable around women than I am men.Series Finale: Episode 12 Billy Jeffrey, an outrageous Chippendale dancer and season one contestant, joins two other men and three women on a search for love in the darkroom. By definition, I’m pretty much getting into that “middle-aged” category. When faced with the potential for possible vulnerability, we deflect, joke and deny. Our culture, while viewing sex in puritanical ways, has itself become hyper-sexualized.I spend a fair amount of time answering questions and dispensing advice based on the four decades of growth and mistakes I’ve made. I think part of that is our puritanical view of sex here in the United States. If you’re really lucky, it’s connecting with a soul that makes you a little more whole. Men, to our detriment, are conditioned socially to squelch our feelings and display stoicism at all cost, anger as a fail safe, and sadness or despair only in the comfort of our own heads. Or Animal, but really, do I have to make that part clear? And maybe we’ve forgotten what part of it to value.