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On Wednesday, the BBC aired an interview with an unidentified man who said Spacey had made a pass at him in the 1980s when he was still a teenager.The man, whose face was not shown but who spoke with an American accent, said he had met Spacey at a summer theater and that the actor had eventually invited him to spend a weekend with him at his home in New York. “Girl, don't be in all these pictures with your eyes red and puffy,” Henson told her, bossing Martinez around like Cookie would one of her sons on “Empire.” And there was a text from Jay Z: “Snoop makes a decision and doesn't even consult Dre? They was out here panicky like muthaf---ers." Tupac was declaring war.Martinez became his first stop for unreleased music during the earliest days of his career. She decided to air only 12 minutes of the two-hour interview.Montana told Radar Online that Spacey approached him in a bar in Los Angeles, in 2003, and ended up grabbing his crotch.“This designates ownership,” Montana quoted Spacey as saying.

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Martinez quit Hot 97 to join the competition, Power 105.1, sending shockwaves through the hip-hop community. and Tupac were really going at it, raising tensions even higher. By then, Martinez was already connected with the next generation’s star, the future high priest of hip-hop.

For a while, Martinez flirted with becoming a performer, contributing a verse to "Not Tonight (Ladies Night Out)" with TLC's Left Eye, Lil' Kim, Da Brat, and Missy Elliot. At the time, she was dating Q Tip, then with A Tribe Called Quest — and he was at the root of her first beef to make headlines.

Wendy Williams, the other high-profile female jock at Hot 97, called Tip out as gay on her blog.

One year, Lil Wayne called Martinez from Miami on her birthday. His emissary jumped on a plane and arrived at her door hours later, handing over a box.

Inside was "an outrageous, brilliant, flawless diamond tennis bracelet,” she recalled.