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29 on Max's Rory Records, an imprint of Equal Vision. I'm so incredibly proud of this record." And Sherri: "We're both hopeless romantics, so getting to just have free reign on that topic and being able to let loose and even sometimes get a little silly about it was so natural and very true to who we are as a couple.Additionally, the group have made the title track available for streaming. "In order to supplicate that, I would have had to keep writing really nice, sweet songs about Sherri, which is great ...but I didn't think necessarily every Say Anything record should be that from now on."The timing, Bemis says, was perfect for Perma, the married couple's side project that released its first album, "Two of a Crime," in October.Over the course of four emo-tinged rock albums, Say Anything singer/songwriter Max Bemis has explored love's harsher realities.

The album, called Anarchy, My Dear, was released March 13, 2012, which was followed up with their headlining spring tour. On June 10, 2014 Say Anything released the album Hebrews through Equal Vision Records.

In 2000, Bemis, Linder, and friends from Windward and Beverly Hills High School formed Say Anything.

The band was described as a high school band, but they released a full-length LP and an EP. However, he spent much of his time recording his own music and left the school after only a few months.

Listen below: And take a look at the cover art and tracklisting for : 1.

Recording this record was literally like a sigh of relief.