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This is a cautionary note members about the scale and extent.Fradulent profiles are being being created(and I mean paid members) whose only intention is to prey and victimize unsuspecting candidates and lure them to part with their finances by providing fake stories.After that staff from incessantly harassed me through emails and other communication to buy a membership through them.I buckled under the pressure after a while and bought a 3 month subscription.It is none of their business where I work, how much I earn, what passport I have, my residency status or where I live.Request for such information is a breach of privacy and for all I know could lead to identity theft.

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To say that I am disappointed in is an understatement!

If really cares for verification they should do this before anyone creates his or her profile on website.

This is sheer cheating by to extract your personal information & hold you to ranson as long as you use their website…

I have found to have engaged in unscrupulous and fraudulent activities when dealing with me as a customer.

They have essentially betrayed my trust and swindled me off my money!