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Fleder drops the ball in the action category, reducing Statham's physicality with handheld camerawork and chopped-to-bits editing.When there's innovative action filmmaking happening on the direct-to-video side, steady shooting with real fighters duking it out, it's befuddling why modern Hollywood fisticuffs fake velocity with whip pans and zooms. The whackadoo Bosworth disappears from the latter half of the movie.' Homefront' masquerades as a “hard R” action movie that thinks all it takes is a bevy of F-bombs and overly explosive blood squibs. He is the host of the pop culture podcast Fighting in the War Room.Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center is a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center with a primary focus on mental health and substance abuse treatment based at 86 Palmetto Road in Rayville, LA.Use of the drug can be used for both short and long term substance management.Indicates whether the facility offers outpatient services on site.A successful Jason Statham film requires a limited amount of cinematic resources: a stunt budget, a cartoon villain, a script with peppered with goons to punch in the face, and a Jason Statham.

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Hoping to retaliate against Bodine (who's awful at hiding his fight training and law enforcement background) Klum pressures her brother to turn up the heat on Rayville's newest resident.There are a few grisly deaths that should elicit hoots and hollers from the audience — Bodine's buddy, played by Omar Benson Miller, outdoes his costar with a rage-filled pitchfork kill — but disguised action melds the keystone moments right into the plodding narrative. Frank Grillo shows up and disappears in the span of three bullets.Even Franco, who starts the movie by kicking a trio of teenagers' asses with a baseball bat, is stuck running from Statham until a showy non-confrontation. Matt Patches is a writer and reporter whose work has been featured on New York Magazine’s Vulture, Time Out New York,, and It's only a matter of time before Bodine unearths Gator's backwater operation.It's hard to tell if Franco's turn as the know-it-all gangster with a Southern drawl is a work of outsider art or a legitimate stab at playing a B-movie villain, and either way, his wild-eyed, over-the-top scheming counteracts ' Homefront' with so-bad-its-good silliness.