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On matters career, however, her closed book reopens.confirms her current willingness to go farther and farther out on a limb.Instead, Kidman, 45 -- a tasteful fashionista with the kind of willowy body that makes red-carpet designers giddy -- whips out her credit card and hands it to the stylist. These people work so hard to make beautiful things -- you have to appreciate that." PHOTOS: Portraits of Nicole Kidman: An Oscar-Winning Actress' Second Chapter in Indies Kidman, it turns out, is famous for paying her freight in fashion."Never would I take free clothes," she says, turning up her famous nose. And these days, in the world of independent film as well.Critics might have questioned the material, but rarely did anyone question her talent.Without a trace of irony, she continues, "I actually don't even know what a movie star is now -- what is a movie star? "When the best female part of the year is Claire Danes in , you know the game's changed.

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cost around million and grossed a mere million domestically.

PHOTOS: Nicole Kidman, the Chameleon: How the Actress Disappeared Into 11 Different Roles "I just don't find urination shocking," Kidman declares matter-of-factly. But then, I don't find a lot of things shocking! I felt shy singing in But peeing -- no, not shy." Possibly more shocking -- to everyone but her -- were her sex scenes with John Cusack's sleazy inmate: one in which they simulate oral sex and another where you can't tell if it's rough sex or rape.

Violence is a lot more shocking than sex -- sex is primal." Clearly, her director felt the same way. "I knew Lee and Nicole were looking for a certain intensity," recalls Cusack.

But on this chilly California day, she looks no worse for wear and arrives on time for a photo shoot for this publication dressed in black leggings and a sequined sweater.

On the set, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise and Oscar winner whose paychecks have run as high as million a movie dons some old Levi's jeans and a T-shirt from L. vintage emporium What Goes Around Comes Around and decides she has to have them.