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I noticed that he was looking at me pretty intensely and I felt like he was staring at my chubby that I was obviously sporting, still.I jokingly asked him if he wanted me to start a shower for him so the water would be warm and he looked at me and said, "I'll share your's if its warm." I instantly was totally freaked out but totally aroused. So, I started my shower and left the curtain open, looked back at him and told said "the water is great." He walked over and pulled the curtain and immediately started rubbing my bulge. We started to rub on each other and things got really heated.I felt to relieved that there was someone else there who understood what the experience was like.I had always fantasized about doing this before and I wondered how it would feel to glide throughout the water with so little between me and the water.I instantly looked around to see if anyone else was wearing something similar.There was one guy swimming laps in the pool, which was crowded, and he was wearing a bright blue speedo also!That one day, i got to the pool and went to the showers to change.

When I walked back into the locker room, he was getting his gym bag out of his locker and we started talking shop about our swims.

He had his hands on my hips and i was trying so hard to not express how much I was enjoying what was happening.

I could feel his hips hitting my ass cheeks and the water from the shower was splashing around in a way that I'm sure the dude next to us HAD to know what was happening.

We had sex for about a minute and the other dude turned his shower off.

We stopped fucking for about 30 seconds (he stayed inside me the whole time) while this other dude got out of the shower and walked back into the locker room.