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Just in case you thought that creating your dream Minecraft server will cost you too much money, will involve too many painstaking effort, and will not exactly result in high performance server, check out Bukkit.

The new age Minecraft server mod is the most impressive Minecraft server customization applications to hit the digital spheres till now, with underlying focus on ease of customization, automatic and in-built upgrade mechanisms, and above all, the best performance without any bloat.

These skulls then target and attack mobs and players.

There are some darker plugins that allow people to exact revenge or just get someone killed.

Plugins can also play audio notifications whenever a player’s username is mentioned.

Once you have Bukkit installed, you have 2 options to install plugins. By using your control panel to install plugins through FTP 2. Now, the desired plugin needs to loaded into this folder, and that is done by simply dragging the plugin and dropping it the plugins folder, provided you have it already with you on your hard disk. Wait for the upload to complete, and then click on the red cross (x) mark appearing at the upper right side of the upload menu. When you do this, and are back to the screen after the restart, you will observe that the plugin will have installed in the folder, and might have generated a sub folder in the ‘plugins’ folder.

By using 3 party FTP solution such as File Zilla Here are the steps you need to follow to install plugins using FTP method and control panel- 1. Once you are done with this process, you should be able to see the plugin in the ‘plugins’ folder. This is the folder where the uploaded and installed plugins configuration and system files are stored.

The Juicer 3.85The Juicer is a free media management and conversion utility that supports all current Digital Juice products including all animation, sound effects/music, film/video clips and still graphics.

Aiseesoft 3D Converter, not every film is released using 3D format and this is where Aiseesoft 3D Converter might offer you a simple and efficient way to let you enjoy 3D movies directly from your computer.