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Have you ever personally travelled to these countries to check by yourself? They are all richer than the richest megacities in Canada. Petersburg or Moscow makes figure of a small town ...

Of course you will say that the situation is not famous in small provincial towns and you are right, but in this case, why go abroad?

You can get dropped off on Devon Island by flying to Ottawa and on to Resolute Bay on Cornwallis Island, via Iqaluit (Baffin Island), but you may end up sharing a camping ground with the NASA crew who research here every summer (or the odd man-eating polar bear).

In recent years, the state capital of New Jersey has had the fewest number of Valentine’s Day reservations made in the whole of the US, according to data collected by the restaurant app Foursquare.

Have a laugh at the silliness of it all, with these 10 romantically-named places to get your heart a-flutter, (or your stomach churning).

At first sight, the reasoning seems fully justified.

For a stay that's a world away from the sex museums and burlesque shows of Amsterdam's red light district, get in touch with the folks at Divorce Hotel, who aim to resolve - or dissolve - your marital disputes over a long weekend.

It's a cost-effective, positive and very Dutch way of divorcing, for couples without complex issues who just want a nice, clean break-up. You'll need to apply and be approved by a mediator to find out the location and book, but expect luxury surroundings, swimming pools and lovely gardens in which to walk off any regrets and "start the next phase of your life", as the company puts it. Give your other half the heave-ho on holiday in one of these best spots for splits.

The blame on some rogue international dating agencies whose owners are mostly American, European, Greek and Arabic. Certainly the cost of living in Ukraine is lower than in western countries and the tendency is strong for some Russian or Ukrainian people to increase a bit the price when they see a stranger.Day trips are available from per person and are actually a fascinating, though sobering, experience.But if the rusting Ferris wheel and gutted apartment buildings don't kill the mood, the strict security restrictions and full body scans to check for radiation ought to do it, so you should be safe from honeymooners here.She cries, is languishing and hope to return close to her family.Shame on those who put in the head of the girls these miserable thoughts that belong to them.