Self consolidating cong

The results indicated that micro PP fiber is more effective in mitigating the pore pressure than macro PP fiber and steel fiber.

The composed use of steel fiber, micro PP fiber and macro PP fiber showed clear positive hybrid effect on the pore pressure reduction near the beam bottom subjected to fire.

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Compared to the effect of macro PP fiber with high dosages, the effect of micro PP fiber with low fiber contents on the pore pressure reduction is much stronger.

The significant factor for reduction of pore pressure depends mainly on the number of PP fibers and not only on the fiber content.

An empirical formula was proposed to predict the relative maximum pore pressure of fiber reinforced self-consolidating concrete exposed to fire by considering the moisture content, compressive strength and various fibers.

The suggested model corresponds well with the experimental results of other research and tends to prove that the micro PP fiber can be the vital component for reduction in pore pressure, temperature as well spalling of concrete.

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