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The male idea of female sexuality was that Greek men believed that women envied their penises. Female homosexuality and female masturbation are rarely depicted unless seen with a dildo. It was also common to rape prostitutes, slaves, and their own wives.

Rape was common in Ancient Greece and seen by men as a "right of domination" by Greek men. Greek Goddesses Hera was the queen of heaven, wife of Zeus, and the protectress of wifehood.

Hetaera were usually slaves from the poorest classes.

Some Greek men bought brothel prostitutes as concubines. (eds.) (1990) Before Sexuality: The Construction of Erotic Experience in Ancient Greece.

A wife's sole responsibilities and duty in life was to bear the legitimate children and labor in the home. Body Balance by Life Force International - It's YOUR health!

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Women were not allowed to be educated, nor taught to read or write.

In the artwork from that timeframe, men gave themselves oversized phalluses. They depicted plants as being penises in the ground.

They even depicted animals as having penis features, such as a horse with an erect penis for a head or birds with erect penises for heads.

It was a common practice for Greek men to lock up their own wife in the home when they left. (1990) The Constraints of Desire: the Anthropology of Sex and Gender in Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece Links Ancient Greece Ancient Greek Eroticism Ancient Greek Links Aphrodite Aphrodite in Ancient Greek Art Archaeology of Ancient Greece Art: Ancient Greece Online Sculpture Catalog - Perseus Art: Ancient Greece Online Vase Catalog - Perseus Brothels, Baths and Babes: Prostitution in Byzantine Holy Land Exploring Ancient World Cultures From Myth to Eternity: The Olympians Greek Mythology Greek Pseudo Homosexuality Homosexuality in Ancient Greece Images of Aphrodite Love & Sex in Art in Greece Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece & Rome Male Love in Ancient Greece Medicine in Ancient Greece The Patheon Poems of Sappho of Lesbos: 1925 Translation Online Women & Gender in the Ancient World Womens' Dress in Ancient Greece For the best meeting/dating place online, Click here Check out The Big Eye The Cambridge Diet - The PROVEN AND EASY way to lose weight fast.

Respectable women were not to show any flesh but to keep their bodies covered, even in the art depictions of married women having sex with their own husbands, the women were clothed while their husband was naked. Liberty Rx Savings - Huge savings on YOUR prescribed medications.