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The only passwords I have are 8 capital letters and an 8 digit pin which was sent to me.I have not had any problems connecting the kids laptops and i Pads or mobiles - just the older pc I have.One benefit is this automatically alleviates the challenges most IP PBX’s face with hosted nat traversal specific to SIP and RTP.However, an even greater benefit is the power and flexibility that CUBE provides with its ability to modify SIP headers much like the larger and more costly Session Border Controllers used by SIP Service Providers.

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Nextcloud solved part of this problem in their own way.It keeps saying 'Validating Identity' when I try to connect.( if I mess about with settings it says it's connected at the bottom of the screen, says signal strength excellent, but also says " limited or no connectivity" but I still can't get online.This pc used to be connected to the internet wired with the old sky router, I now have the hub- could this be causing a problem?The goal is to change 9948 (the 4 digit DN) to the full 10 digit phone number 9494289948 otherwise the SIP provider will reject a redirected call with only 4 digits in the user portion of the SIP URI in the Diversion header.Below is the SIP Invite in its entirety as originated by UCM and sent towards the Cisco router running CUBE where the Diversion header only contains the 4 digit DN.