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An active writer and contributing editor for international IT publications such as PC Quest, Bharat was also a technical reviewer for Exchange Server 2003 24 Seven by Jim Mc Bee.

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If the recipient policy is being used to assign an SMTP address from a different address space, you can generate different UPN suffixes for those domains.

Multiple RUS objects for a single domain: By default, Exchange Server creates two RUS objects -- one for the enterprise, which processes Exchange system objects, and the other for the domain in which the Exchange server resides.

It is generally not recommended to create more than one RUS pointing to domain controllers (DCs) in the same domain.

This meant that the users in question did not have the correct routing address of [email protected]

When attempting to migrate the mailboxes of said user accounts, they failed with the following error: This address is required for mail routing between On Premise users and Office 365 users, therefore without if the mailbox move cannot take place.