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It's not difficult to begin using our video chat features, within a few moments you will already be able to use all of the features available at Chatrandom.Most of our functionality uses the same type of procedures which makes our entire platform similar to use when going from one feature to the next such as when going from gay chat to girls roulette.The radius must not be picked from a uniform distribution, but one that goes as pdf_r = (2/R^2)*r That's easy enough to do by calculating the inverse of the cumulative distribution, and we get for r: r = R*sqrt( rand() ) where rand() is a uniform random number in [0, 1]. The thinking for generating random points on the surface of a sphere in 3D is very similar.

In fact, we are now growing faster than any other webcam chat site online.

I realize I'm late to this discussion, but when I click on the URL supplied in the original post ( ) all that happens is that a random video's URL opens in a new tab or window.

If I paste that URL into my browser manually, it automatically re-directs to a random video. What the hell is the point in having viewing preferences or the "Taste Profile" as a part of each account, if all you do is ignore everything we'd prefer....

Since we pair you up with complete strangers, you never know what to expect and most of the time you find what you've been searching for when you expect it the least.

We pair our people randomly with the webcams of other people from all over the planet.