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Excessive drinking decreases overall nutritional health and tends to lead to certain deficiencies, such as vitamin B1.

As a result, those who quit drinking may end up with more energy for their day, better cardiovascular function for exercise, improved brain function, and boosted endogenous stress-relief.

If you have diabetes, quitting drinking will help you maintain a better blood sugar balance.

Moreover, an alcohol-intensive lifestyle is expensive. By quitting the drug, you can save your drinks money and spend it on something you’ve been wanting for awhile.

For those addicted to alcohol or who have problems with excessive use, the benefits of quitting are most significant.

Here’s why: Lifelong Health Some of the diseases that result from excessive long-term alcohol use are cirrhosis, cardiomyopathy and peripheral neuropathy.

These terms mean your liver, your heart and your nerves could take a big hit from continued drinking in the long-term.