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Games with Game Crush Play Dates start at .60 for ten minutes.IGN breaks down how the service works:"On Game Crush, guys are Players and girls are Play Dates.Home is just another venue through which these guys fulfill their raging-puberty needs @Sanii... Try that with any social networking site, any game, any MMO, etc. If you go into Home with the intention to hold actual conversations, you can meet some pretty cool gamers. PS Home: virtual sunglasses 0.39$, virtual leather boot 0.49$, virtual dress 4.99$, watching two bros with fake lesbo account hitting on each other... I'm not hatting on HOME, it's just what I see everyday on the dance floor in the motorstorm carrier space.

STOP IT...stop it....PSN user...bad back on topic..some of them actually send pics, then i do think that some are like that in real life... If you have ps_girl_69, or anything with girl and dirty words, as your username of course the pervs will jump on you. If you're not limiting yourself to that view, you'll actually notice there are a LOT more people who actually talk and hold real conversations with each other than people who are pervs. then less pervs will have the audacity to approach and harass her.

It seems that the rare amount of crap I read on n4g is all from you.

primarily because they are the kinds of people we don't pay attention to in real life. First you displayed a nude Elena for your most wanted 2011 games for hits and now this??

It seems as though a hacking and reversing posse known as the Three Musketeers worked out the LV0 keys some time ago. He knew he would fail, and thereby demonstrated that to hold back the tide was impossible – and, in any case, unnecessary – even for a king.

Since they were, in their own words, “done with PS3 now anyways,” they just sat on the information. Follow @duckblog [*] Paul Ducklin is a passionate security proselytiser. ) He lives and breathes computer security, and would be happy for you to do so, too.