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Among filthy puddles of rainwater in a slum in Alabang, a district just south of the Philippines’ capital city of Manila, a young woman named Jahziel Tayco Ferrer was teaching a science lesson.

Martinez told me she didn’t want to air her views in front of her sister-in-law.

Her fellow volunteer, however, was happy to keep talking.“I read the Bible and every time I read it I felt so guilty,” Ferrer said.

Martinez lives with her husband and in-laws in the slum.

To get out of the blistering heat, she invited Ferrer and me into her home.

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It really scared me to death.”Between the ages of eight and 10, Ferrer went to an Accelerated Christian Education school.

Educational aid projects like this one are common enough in the Philippines, where more than 26 million people live in poverty.

They are, more often than not, run by Christian groups. As one of two women running a community project to provide the children of Alabang with education and food, Ferrer wants to help the local youth—but she also has her own agenda.

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