Patience dating a capricorn woman

Taurus can get through to aloof, cautious Capricorn and give the encouragement and responsiveness needed.

Both have earthly, passionate natures, and sensual Taurus can tap the deep well of romanticism that lies under Capricorn's reserve.

The Capricorn is, on the contrary, a sanctimonious person. Problems also crop up over money Aries is extravagant, Capricorn is security minded.

Capricorn is a simple soul and Aries may be too overwhelming; Aries will take risks and enjoy them while the same risks will make Capricorn shudder.

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While the Taurus is a patient person the Capricorn is ready to work for both of them.

Leo forgives and forgets; Capricorn being the one who is slow to anger, seldom forgets.

The Leo supposes that the Capricorn is full of love and spends it too economically. They are both representatives of independent signs of the zodiac that are inclined to dominate in everyday life.

The Capricorn can prefer only one pose for making love or even a certain time.

However, the Aries can take the initiative under his/her own control.