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Frank Davis, assistant coach at Tennessee Tech, right, negotiates team schedules with another school’s representative. We’ll pay 100,” Seibert said, meaning 0,000, a once unheard-of-figure now routinely spent when a big program such as Iowa needs to land a home game with a small program such as Saint Francis, a Catholic university in tiny Loretto, Pa.

In response to a text message late Friday night, Saint Francis assistant Summey replied that, after a day of traveling, his head coach needed time to think about it.

(Doug Mc Schooler/AP) INDIANAPOLIS – The matchmaking event didn’t start until 1 p.m., but Al Seibert knew what he was looking for and hoped to find it quickly, so he arrived a few minutes early, found the sticker that described what he needed in a partner, and placed it on the chest of his black track suit, not far from the Iowa Hawkeyes logo. Seibert was one of several dozen assistants working the room in the Indiana Convention Center, where the national coaches association held its annual conference, like every year, in conjunction with the Final Four.

The fact this event exists speaks to the convoluted process – some call it a science, others call it an art, all call it a chore – of putting together a Division I men’s college basketball team schedule.

Some have been particularly irked in situations where they knew the guarantee fee paid the other coach’s salary. Light blue meant desperation – “OPEN MULTIPLE DATES.” There are other factors in scheduling than finances and competition.

“That’s one of the ways to get around budget shortcomings” at a smaller school, said Keating. Mike Mc Garvey, the Colgate assistant who traded business cards with Seibert, said he thought a game might work because the head coaches – Colgate’s Matt Langel and Iowa’s Fran Mc Caffery – share Philadelphia roots. “We’re a serious academic school,” said Mc Garvey, 31.