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To put it bluntly, if you ignore physical attraction when choosing a life-partner, your relationship may be temporary.Here are some of the consequences you may eventually face: 1.The things they may have once found endearing are now annoying as hell.Some of these critics hope that the partner will get the message and end the relationship—something the nitpicker may be scared to do; others are simply projecting their own frustrations onto their partner.“I was taught that looks and sex weren’t that important.

I ask if there is current physical attraction and if it ever existed.There are many reasons why people enter into committed, long-term relationships or marriage that have little to do with physical attraction.Some people marry to please others such as their parents: One client became engaged to a man she had little attraction for primarily because of enormous pressure from her mother to settle down.Work or the gym seem to be the most popular place for affairs to develop.Running into someone that finally electrifies you is hard to resist.