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Other features include integrated online storage, geo-location tagging as well as sharing buttons.

You Now This is a live social TV platform where users can broadcast videos through mobile phone and webcam.

So if you are ready to live stream your show for the first time, check out the following websites.

UStream UStream is one of the most popular live video streaming services that allow you to broadcast your live shows and events online.

Flixwagon Flixwagon enables users to use their mobile phones to broadcast live video online.

Users can watch videos on the site, upload them to You Tube as well as share it on Facebook.

Due to the advancement in high speed Internet and popularity of mobile devices, big companies like Apple and Google have entered the online TV markets.

It shows how important video streaming is these days.

Today we’ve rounded up 10 most commonly used video streaming services where you can live stream any shows and events by connecting your webcam, camcorder, or mobile device to the Internet.Livestream Livestream is another widely used live streaming video platform.Users can broadcast video online through camcorder, computer’s webcam, smartphone, camera, etc.Bambuser Bambuser allows users to live stream videos from the mobile phone, computer’s webcam and DV camera.The free service is social media friendly, you can easily stream live mobile video on Facebook, Twitter, Word Press and Myspace.