On line dating services scam

I found a picture of someone named "Galina" in the Euroladies and European Connections dating services who was identical in age and appearance and occupation (a psychologist-teacher), but lived nearby in Cheboksary.I notified the US Embassy in Moscow that someone by her name may be attempting to get a visa to enter the United States.She changed her email address after her first message from [email protected] [email protected], claiming that her old email account was working badly. Her first message contained someone else's full name (a Westerner), making it appear as though my name and a few sentences had been added to an existing message. She never gave specific details about her life, claiming that she lived with her "mum" and that her father had left her at the age of 3 (sound familiar? She consistently relied on her "mum" for advice and described very realistic conversations with her and also her grandmother (sound familiar? She was incredibly beautiful and as I later found out, had sent me a photograph from when she was much younger. She knew more about the workings of Western Union than I did. She already had a passport, which was very surprising for someone who was so poor and lived so deep in Russia (Kirov). She claimed to have an aunt who worked for an airline in Moscow and who could get tickets for her at a discount, even though I wanted to buy them myself (sound familiar? She required 0 for her visa application because she claimed to be using the services of a firm in Kirov (sound familiar? She promised that she would somehow pay it back to me after she arrived, but never explained how.Then she declared a deadline date for the "insurance" payment, after which her visa application would be delayed by several months.Although, she claimed to have never been outside of Russia and that the photo had been taken in Kirov.The last picture I received showed her sitting in front of a modern personal computer with a nice stereo and a large collection of CD's by her side.

Here are the clues that should have raised my suspicions: 1. )I finally became quite suspicious after she insisted that she required "insurance" before she would come to America.You anti-scam book should be a must buy for anyone who is searching for a foreign bride. Her e-mail address is [email protected] is listed on [email protected], I confronted her with her request for 0 for a visa early before I could get more information about her (I should have played along with the game and get more information). Jack LETTER 1 Hi, Reading your letter I have not begun to cry nearly with happiness. Than I am engaged now - I prepare to holiday I want this holiday to make unforgettable. The cheapest way up to Moscow it began the bus change a train, it will borrow about 1-2 days it will cost 50 $. My aunt so is glad for me that she does(makes) all that our meeting was as soon as possible. In 1989 at me the younger brother has appeared When to him there were 4 years my father was lost After his(its) death I very long experienced, could not believe that it(him) no. That there are such perfect people as you I very much, is very glad. I hope that you will help me in it I rise at I accept a bath I prepare to have a meal And by to running on work I work as the hairdresser(barber) in a female hall I do(make) any colouring, chemistry of a hair Well and certainly I cut Especially to me to like to select hairdresses to the clients I love when they leave from me happy and beautiful. In fact I was hoping against probably reality that it was true. To reach Moscow it is possible to use the plane it costs(stands) 150 $, it is convenient but dearly. This The visa is possible to prolong for one month but her(it) free-of-charge in America. As you say and will be, but I I ask to take into account my opinion. After leaving school I have entered medical university Which successfully has finished in 1998 Then I tried to work in urban hospital Having worked 5 months I has understood that in Russia be I doctor me to not live with By the salary 600 roubles Which else was detained by(with) many months. Lo and behold, almost in disbelief I actually did receive the 00 from Western Union that "she" had sent back to me. You are not right on the bill of the tickets a little. So, I started looking through the personal ads to try to find pictures and I looked at names that sounded similar to Ekaterina. The first name was Katy and the last names matched. Oh and because I read this blacklist I am pleased to say I lost no money. Apparently, she or Evgeny did not like having their names, addresses, phone numbers, and even photographs displayed in this Blacklist for everyone to see. My aunt works in travel agency and she did(made) a bookmark on the ticket. The following is the second letter I received from her: Letter2Thanks that was written to me the letter you see by (with) you first who has written to me through a service of acquaintances.