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) In a weird retro-to-modern twist, many of the bloggers were then taking digital photos of their film photos to immediately post to Twitter and Instagram. Chef Adam called this “Oyster Oyster Cucumber.” It was a pureed oyster, topped with another (intact) oyster, topped with green cucumber foam. It’s that texture thing again – and nobody wants to gag and retch in a room filled with other bloggers with cameras documenting the event in real-time, do they? It was very tangy and tasted even more so the more you ate. The next course was “Miso Salmon with Horseradish Sorbet.” Chef Adam explained that the salmon was cooked just to the point where it appeared raw inside, yet flaked like cooked fish. ) The last course was “Teriyaki Steak Frite and Ferns”: This is exactly what it looks like – teriyaki steak, a potato wedge, and cooked fern fiddleheads with a delicious dressing. (And so did most of the bloggers who sat out some of the more creative dishes.) So what’s this all about? ” Adam has created healthier versions of candy that you already know and love.I did eat the foam, which tasted just like a fresh cucumber. It was called “Parmesan Roquette.” This was arugula leaves and a spicy brown sauce that was sort of soy/Worcestershire-like, with Parmesan cheese presented two ways. It was good though and I think everyone at our table unanimously agreed that this one was a win. I’d never had ferns before, but they tasted kind of like asparagus. Chef Adam’s dinner was to celebrate the launch of “Unreal,” a new candy line that will be carried by CVS. If you’re a fan of M&Ms, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Snickers, you’ll likely love the Unreal versions.

After years of hard work, he has a first rate run just a notch down from the best, great bike and swim and has to be a contender at any 70.3 race in the world.

Unreal is also coming to CVS stores later this year (though it’s already on the shelves at the CVS Plan-O-Gram store! ) The candy gems are really lovely in color, with bright, natural tones derived from beets, turmeric, purple cabbage, and other plant sources.

And, as a mom, I love the idea of candy that’s better for us.

One was a kind of caramelized “cracker,” and the other was puffed up into a very crunchy cheese puff. All of the Unreal candy has natural and organic ingredients, with no artificial colors or flavors, as well as 40% less sugar than its popular counterparts.

There are no hydrogenated ingredients, no corn syrups, no preservatives, and no genetically-modified ingredients. I am.) Our dessert consisted of five of the new Unreal products: Plain and peanut candy gems, peanut butter cups, a chocolate caramel nougat bar and a chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar.