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Lewis, who attended Sarah Lawrence College before pursuing a career in ballet, says he never expected to become a sex worker.

But spurred on by a need for quick cash after a dance injury and encouraged by how easy it was to get started, he eventually took the plunge.

Company Director Sean Van Sant says that on a daily basis, the site gets about 500,000 unique visitors, about 70 percent of whom access the site from the United States.

The average escort on is in his early 30s, and most of the escorts live in big cities and identify as gay.

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One said his clients included coaches of college sports teams.

Alternatively, he could’ve reached out to escort agencies, where rent boys pay a fee to be listed on the roster. Exchanging money for a night of intimacy may still be taboo, but thanks to sites like, it’s never been easier -- or safer -- to do.

As a result, industry insiders say, more people than ever are hiring rent boys.

However, Van Sant said “all types of guys” advertise on the site.

There are, for instance, “escorts in tiny nowheresville,” others who identify as “gay for pay,” and some who are older than one might expect. We're not pimps here, not an agency.” everal rent boys, all of whom make between 0 and 0 an hour escorting, told The Huffington Post they see sex work as a job and not a career.

New york escort dating internet service