Naruto and hinata dating

Been a hoot watching him grow from scruffy outcast to a sweetheart father, husband and Hokage) I enjoy the series extremely much and I hope that you do too.

Man D: I need to move on and get over the whole Naruto story.... I cant Also I love both NH and SS, so I don’t get involved or participate in Anti NH/SS crap. he's a very likeable guy and his SMILE is AFFECTIVE.

Naruto goes from a clumsy kid who only wishes to become the Hokage, to a serious, hardworking, loyal friend who doesn't only want to save his friend, but also the whole ninja world from the neverending cycle of hate and despair.

It makes me both sad and happy to see Naruto’s growth (I will always love Naruto!!

I mean it started off as a more kid geared anime IMO. I mean it even had an awkward phase for like 2 years (As in it was just not entertaining and borring... I think this is set shortly after the war and goes before Konoha hiden , which as I know adapts only the wedding assuming Boruto was born after the wedding.

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It is most likely that Hinata and Naruto are already married, and she could be pregnant.

I have to admit, this got slightly crazy at first but does get into a better feel as it focuses on Sasuke.

---------------------------------------- Hm so the show is back after a 2-week break.

So what now they go to future , and after this arc they go back again ? You defeat a huge evil , but sooner or later another will emerge.

I Only hope adaptation will end just with these 3 books.