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"I think this really highlights the terrible condition that people are living in - if they can borrow money then they can feed their kids; if they cannot pay it back and cannot borrow again, then they will not eat," she tells Al Jazeera.

Their research also shows that 50 percent of children drop out of school at the age of 13.

Dying is an expensive business in Myanmar, with hospitals and monasteries charging at least 100,000 kyat (roughly ) to bury the body and produce a death certificate, Slingsby says.

She shares the one-room house with eight members of her family and a scourge of deadly mosquitoes that fester in the thick, green water beneath her feet.As the commercial capital of Myanmar, Yangon is a magnet for rural migrants hoping to benefit from the country's rapid economic expansion. Many families rely on members who work as trishaw-drivers, street vendors or casual labourers for their main source of income.These jobs do not offer regular employment and can be severely impeded during the monsoon season, which lasts for almost half the year. As many as 20.3 percent of children in Yangon are stunted, a condition reflecting chronic malnutrition.A year later and she has paid her sister far more than the original sum through these daily interest payments, but the debt still stands. She stands on the street and shouts 'I didn't give you that money for free' and other horrible things," says Than Than Htwe.She is not the only one to be crippled by high interest loans in Yangon.