Medifast pakage dating experation

The Advanced items have a date stamped on them that is actually the production date so if you see a number that looks like, for instance, 100511, then that item was produced on October 5, 2011.

(The Success line has a "best by" date on them.) As far as the program itself, if you like the foods, don't have certain pre-existing allergies or intolerances, and can follow the plan, it works.

But if you sign up for an autopay thing, they will charge your card for the 2nd payment if you don't return the initial shipment within the first month.

I went straight to the nutrisystem website and then cancelled the transaction at the last minute when I found out what they wanted to do.

Those home shopping networks are notorious for getting you to sign up for automatic Withdrawal.

Are you dealing with an actual person or all online, if you can talk to someone in person, ask to speak to a supervisor and explain what you want.

Either find a "Big Lots" and purchase the food from them (a lot of Big Lots carries NS foods - not all of them, but a good selection that you can try different foods) or go back online and do what I do - Ala Carte.

I, personally, have never needed to deal with their Customer Service, but from what I've read on the forums there, it's been a mixed bag (some people get great service, others not so much, or a lot of conflicting info because the reps aren't all on the same page as each other, or as the company).After that I found out they kept all my info (including my credit card info) and they called me almost every day offering me this discount or that special until I told them to stop calling until they found a way to let me try it without auto withdrawals and shipments (haven't heard from them since).My main concern was that someone with a set income (or lower income) might end up with overdrafts because of this.Sometimes they even send free stuff as an apology for the harassment.If you just want to try NS foods, I suggest one of two things.