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Install was fairly simple but not quite as easy as the CJ video makes it look.

This is a quality product is excellent as you would expect but the sound clips do it too much justice in that it is much louder than expected, especially when cruising under load at low RPM.

The video does not make justice to this exhaust set up. It gives my 2015 GT the old school sound, loud enough but not exaggerated. However, when you push it, the sound is strong but not exaggerated, like when you push the borla attack (my former set up).

Deep, beautiful, wonderful and even romantic (it reminds me my teenage years) mellow sound. It does have a drone on cruising rpms, between 1900 to 2000 rpms, and I love it.

It drones very badly, so much so that it makes the door panel rattle.

Great under throttle, but just not tolerable for cruising up a slight hill.