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The current Social Security Agreement with New Zealand began operating on 1 July 2017. [ top ] The Agreement allows people who enter Australia on a Special Category Visa (SCV) using a New Zealand passport to access certain social security income support payments.Under the Agreement, Australia and New Zealand share responsibility for paying certain benefits, broadly according to the period people have lived in Australia and New Zealand (from 20 until pension age).[ top ] People living in Australia can obtain: [ top ] To claim an Australian Age Pension or New Zealand Superannuation/Veteran’s Benefit, a person must have reached whichever country’s pension age is the higher at the time they claim. Note, Australian Age Pension age began increasing from 65.5 in July 2017 and will continue to increase by six months every two years until it reaches 67 in July 2023.[ top ] You can lodge a claim for Australian Age Pension under the Agreement up to 13 weeks before you reach pension age.[ top ] When you claim an Australian pension you will need to complete a claim form and provide documents to prove your identity and periods of residence in Australia.Some of the acceptable documents to prove your identity are: Note: The above are only a few of the documents that can be used to prove your identity and your Australian residence.Australian residence will still have to be verified.

People should contact the Department of Human Services - International Services on 131 673 for specific information relating to their circumstances.

Access to most Australian social security payments changed from 26 February 2001.

After that date, only New Zealanders moving to Australia who hold a permanent resident visa or have Australian citizenship, and reside in Australia are able to apply for the full range of social security payments.

The amount of pension a person can receive will be calculated under the terms of the Agreement.

Under the Agreement a person will generally be entitled to two pensions - one from New Zealand and one from Australia.